Here is how to get fresh McDonald’s fries each and every time


There is only one way to get fresh fries from McDonald’s each and every time you visit the fast food chain. Here is how you can do just that.

Do you hate getting McDonald’s fries and finding they are stale, lukewarm, and basically not fresh? Well, there is a way to avoid this dilemma. You can get fresh McDonald’s fries each and every time you visit the fast food chain and this is how it works.

When you visit the fast food restaurant what you want to do is customize your order. This trick actually works when you want to order a burger or chicken burger as well, so if you want a fresh burger then the method is pretty much the same.

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In terms of fresh fries, what you want to do is ask for either no salt, or light salt. This will then require the staff to make a fresh batch of the fries for you. They won’t be able to use the already premade fries because chances are, they have already been salted as standard.

Resulting in you getting fresh, hot, and tasty fries.

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You can use the same trick when it comes to burgers, just ask them not to apply the seasoning or add extra seasoning to your burger.

The downside of doing this; is how long the fries will take to make. A fresh batch of cooked fries takes roughly five minutes. So if you’re on the clock and don’t have time to hang around. Then you might want to reconsider ordering them fresh. But if you have the time, this is how to get fresh McDonald’s fries each and every time.

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Where you already aware of this McDonald’s trick? Are you aware of another trick to get fresh McDonald’s fries? Drop a comment below sharing your thoughts.