Burger King has the perfect treat for your dog while you enjoy a Whopper


There’s nothing worse than hearing the whimpering or the threat of your dog taking your Whopper. Burger King knows the pain so has now brought out the perfect treat for your four-legged friends, the Dogpper.

You know what it’s like when you try to eat your Whopper. I know what it’s like! Your four-legged friend (especially if you have one that’s totally food-driven like mine) will sit and beg. There will be paws on the legs and the threat of stealing the food right off your plate or out of your hands. Burger King also knows that issue, which is why they’ve brought out the perfect treat for your pup.

Introducing the Dogpper, the bone-shaped biscuit that tastes just like a Whopper. Okay, so I’ve not personally tried it to tell if it does taste exactly like the flame-grilled beef, so I’m just taking Burger King’s word for it. Does a dog even know what a flame-grilled beef patty is supposed to taste like, anyway?

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The Dogpper is even available completely free when you get a Whopper. You’ll just need to order through DoorDash. Don’t forget to use the code DOGPPER with your Burger King order to get the Whopper-tasting biscuit so you and your furry best friend can enjoy the same meal without sharing.

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There’s no word on whether this will be available through other methods in the future. Burger King may want to see if the Dogpper is a success before bringing it out through other ordering means. For now, you can use the code until Dec. 4.

Don’t believe me that this is genuinely happening? Check out the Burger King Dogpper trailer below.

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What do you think of the decision to bring the Dogpper? Will this solve your sharing problems? Share in the comments below.