Target has the perfect Christmas stocking fillers for Nutella fans


Know fans of Nutella spread? It’s time to head to Target for the perfect stocking fillers. Who would have thought mini Nutella jars would be so adorable?

What’s better than your favorite food? Your favorite food in mini servings to get rid of all the guilt. That’s exactly what Target is offering with these adorable Christmas stocking filling Nutella jars.

The mini jars are called Nutellino Christmas Spread. Clearly, Target is sending a message that these are only available for a limited time only. It’s not clear exactly how limited, but if you’re planning on tasting them, then you’ll want to get some soon.

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The jars are so small that they only hold two teaspoons of the delicious hazelnut chocolatey goodness. That’s just enough for one serving (maybe!) and is perfect for those who just want a Christmas treat without absolutely any of the guilt.

Can’t quite get a sense of the size of Target’s Nutellino Christmas Spread? Here are a couple of images to give you an idea.

What could you possibly do with the jars once you’re done? Many people have found ways to turn the mini Nutella jars into useful items around the home. How about some small plant holders or wash them out to create decorations.

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You could even turn them into Christmas ornaments. Many have fashioned Christmas baubles and mantlepiece decorations out of the tiny jars. You can even decorate the jars for your friends and family, making them the perfect Secret Santa gift. Of course, you’ll want to make sure your Secret Santa isn’t allergic!

The jars will probably leave the Target shelves by the end of Christmas. While the stocks last after, you may just find them until New Year, but once they’re gone, they will be gone. You’ll definitely want to grab your guilty-free Nutella right now.

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What do you think about the mini Nutella jars? Will you get Nutellino Christmas Spread from Target for someone special? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Target’s mini Nutella jars will be available at least throughout Christmas.