Krispy Kreme gives us back its S’mores Hot Chocolate


Krispy Kreme might be known more for their fresh-baked doughnuts and fresh coffee, but their hot chocolate is always a real treat. Which is why their S’mores Hot Chocolate is a treat we are excited for this season.

Nothing says cold weather quite like hot chocolate on a snowy or chilly day, and thanks to Krispy Kreme we can now get our hands on a very delicious concoction. Specifically, it seems that ’tis the season of S’mores Hot Chocolate.

That’s right, we can now drool over, and indulge in, some decadent hot chocolate with a S’mores twist. While Krispy Kreme already has an indulgent hot cocoa thanks to their Ghiradelli Hot Chocolate, this new cocoa is topped with a delicious layer of whipped cream, as well as crumbled graham crackers, and tiny bits of chocolate.

Inspired by the campfire treat we all know (and mostly love), this is not the first time we have seen S’mores flavors on the menu at Krispy Kreme. In 2015, they introduced the S’mores Doughnut which featured a toasted marshmallow creme that really gave us the treat we all know and love. And of course with the S’mores Hot Chocolate, you get that classic flavor profile in a decadent hot beverage that will keep you warm and toasty.

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We admit, we are extremely excited to see this hot chocolate on the menu. While their Ghiradelli version of the classic cocoa is always a treat every time we indulge, this one makes us think of fond memories around a hot fire. And although it may not be a cup of hot coffee, we think hot chocolate is a perfect treat any time it’s cold and we want to get rid of the chill.

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Combine the S’mores Hot Chocolate with one of Krispy Kreme’s holiday doughnuts, like the Ugly Sweater Penguin or even the Cinnamon Swirl doughnut, for a seasonal sweet treat that is both satisfying and delicious.

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Have you tried the S’mores Hot Chocolate yet? Are you going to give it a try? If you have, tell us what you think of this indulgent hot cocoa and if you haven’t (or won’t) tell us why not.