McDonald’s has made limited edition Chicken McNugget Christmas lights


Did you ever want to decorate your Christmas tree with McDonald’s Chicken McNugget Christmas lights? Well now, you can.

That’s right. You did read that correctly, I haven’t gone mad. McDonald’s has created limited edition Chicken McNugget Christmas lights, and other decorations, as part of the #ReindeerReady winter promotion.

McDonald’s is giving away the Christmas ornaments and lights, and yes, they are shaped exactly like Chicken McNuggets. The McNugget ornament has a little Santa’s hat on top of it, and the string lights have the internationally recognized golden arches on them

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Unfortunately, they are only available for U.K. and Ireland residents. So we are all out of luck over on this side of the pond. Maybe one day they will make it over to us, but right now we are all completely out of luck.

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If you could get your hands on the Christmas decorations would you go for the lights or the ornaments? Or would you rather have both?

In other McDonald’s U.K. news, the famous Terry’s Chocolate Orange McFlurry has been replaced this year by the Rudolph Malteasers McFlurry. A change that has certainly split customers. A lot of fans were happy to see the new McFlurry appear on the menu, but once fans realized that the Terry’s Chocolate Orange Mcflurry would not return this year, it raised a few eyebrows.

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So, what are your thoughts on the McDonald’s Christmas theme decorations? Would you like to see them arrive here in the US one day? Shout out and drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.