Dunkin’ is bringing back its Girl Scout-inspired lattes with a new addition to the mix


Love the Thin Mint Lattes? How about the Dunkin’ Coconut Caramel Lattes? Well, the Girl Scout-inspired coffees are coming back with a new addition to the mix.

The Girl Scout-inspired lattes are among some of the best additions to the Dunkin’ menu. They’re the lattes that we look forward to as a mark that the year is coming to an end and there’s hope for the next year. Dunkin’ is bringing the lattes back with a new addition.

You’ll still get the Thin Mints and Coconut Caramel Lattes and other coffees, but now you can also get the delicious Trefoils Shortbread flavor coffees. Mmmm, shortbread. With the buttery and sweet flavor, what more could you ask for?

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How about the fact that these are all genuine Girl Scout flavors? The two organizations are working together to bring something special to customers everywhere.

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And while I’ve mentioned lattes, it’s not just about the milky coffees. You can get the flavors as iced coffees (maybe you’ll want to stick with hot for the current weather!), espressos, and even frozen chocolate and coffee!

Image Credit: Girl Scout-inspired latte. Acquired via Dunkin’ press room

In February you’ll be able to get cookies and donuts in the flavors too. Local troops and girl entrepreneurs will be invited to sell their cookies at Dunkin’ restaurants across the country. It makes sense to keep the coffees at this time, too.

The coffees will be available from the end of December, according to a Dunkin’ press release. Don’t feel like you need to rush, as they’re sticking around until spring 2019, so there’s plenty of time to get your Thin Mint fix and try out the deliciously buttery Trefoil Shortbread.

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Which is your favorite Girl Scout-inspired coffee? Will you try out the new flavor? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Girl Scout-inspired coffees will be available from Dunkin’ at the end of December 2018.