McDonald’s 2 for $5 deal is coming back and it will include the Quarter Pounder


The popular 2 for $5 deal is coming back to McDonald’s and this time it will include the Quarter Pounder Cheeseburger.

McDonald’s fans will be happy to hear that the 2 for $5 deal is coming to back to the fast food restaurant. The deal was a huge hit the last time it was running but this time it will be even better. Why? Because McDonald’s has gone and added the Quarter Pounder with Cheese to the list of menu items available.

According to Delish, the offer will begin from tomorrow, Dec. 21. They’re describing it as a Christmas Miracle and you know what, they are not wrong. it really is.

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The deal allows McDonald’s customers to mix and match their menu items. As long as they are both on the 2 for $5 deal menu then you can choose whatever you want. The options include the well known and loved, Big-Mac, the Filet-O-Fish, and one of the best fast food items to handle cravings, a 10-piece Chicken McNuggets.

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However, McDonald’s fans get the option of the Quarter Pounder with Cheese as well. Turning the 2 for $5 deal from awesome, into amazing!

This is a limited time deal. Like all good things in life, the 2 for $5 deal will not be around for long. So take advantage while you can. While McDonald’s has not yet announced when the deal will expire, it wouldn’t be surprising if it was over by the new year. So honestly, try it ASAP.

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What do you think of the 2 for $5 deal? Are you excited to see the Quarter Pounder Cheeseburger now an option? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.