Is Dunkin’ open on Christmas Eve 2018?


As you run around looking for last minute stocking fillers and some turkey stuffing. Will the coffee chain that keeps America running be able to keep you running. Is Dunkin’ open on Christmas Eve 2018?

It’s here everyone. The day where everybody suddenly realizes they forgot something for Christmas. It could be a gift for a distant, or close, family member. Maybe it’s something for the big dinner. Or, heaven forbid, you haven’t forgotten the much-needed wine. Basically, there is some running around to be done today. And what is the best place to keep you fuelled up, Dunkin’. But is it open? Is Dunkin’ open on Christmas Eve 2018?

Thankfully. As you are running around on Christmas Eve, you can run into your local Dunkin’ store and grab some coffee and donuts. The chain that keeps America running on Dunkin’ is open on Christmas Eve.

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Just be careful of the varied opening hours that are likely to be in place during the day. With it being Christmas Eve some stores are likely to close early so staff can get a jump on the Christmas holidays.

It will be store discretion what the opening hours are so you will need to look up the store directly in order to get the opening times. What you can do is search the store you have in mind of visiting directly online.

The search results will ping back the contact information and opening hours for the day. You are probably best to ignore the opening times. They are not always accurate so you can get caught out if you rely on them and them alone.

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Best thing to do is to use the contact number and phone up the store directly and ask a staff member how long they will be open for during the Christmas Eve.

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So, are you thinking of visiting Dunkin’ on Christmas Eve? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.