Is Burger King open on Christmas Day 2018?


Traveling during Christmas and need to grab a bite to eat? Fancy a Whopper for Christmas Dinner instead of turkey? Is Burger King open on Christmas Day 2018?

Burger King is awesome for a number of reasons. One being the good old Whopper from the fast food chain. Which is why if something terrible happens to your turkey dinner, it falls on the floor, gets burnt to a crispy, you know, the typical things that happen in a movie, Burger King is a suitable replacement. You might also be traveling and need a break and something to eat. So is Burger King open on Christmas Day 2018?

Annoyingly there is no clear-cut answer here. The fast-food restaurant is reported to be open and closed on Christmas day. It depends on where you look, but some publications have the fast food chain listed as open, and others as closed.

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The general consensus seems to be that you should not expect Burger King to be open on Christmas Day, but they might just be. What you are best doing if you fancy getting a Whopper or something else of the menu, is to contact the fast food restaurant directly.

You can do this by simply searching the restaurant you have in mind of visiting online. The results will ping back the contact information, including the contact telephone number. It will also pingback the opening hours for the day as well but you should really just ignore them. They are not always the most accurate.

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Use the contact telephone number to contact Burger King directly. If someone picks up, you know for sure that they are open. You can then ask how long they will be open for as well. Obviously, if nobody answers, you have the answer. They’re closed.

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Do you think you will be visiting Burger King during Christmas? Drop a comment below sharing your thoughts.