Is Starbucks open on Christmas Day 2018?


Need a caffeine fix at some point during Christmas Day? Did the kids get you up at the crack of dawn and you need the fuel of life? Can Starbucks provide? Is Starbucks open on Christmas Day 2018?

There will be a lot of people in need of a coffee, latte, or some other caffeine hit during Christmas Day. You might have been up the night before with some friends and colleagues at a bar. Maybe you were up until the crack of dawn, wrapping presents and getting them under the Christmas tree without the mini humans finding out. Pretty much the fuel of life, a.k.a caffeine, is in high demand on Dec. 25. So is Starbucks open on Christmas Day 2018?

The good news is Starbucks will be open on Christmas Day. So if you are in need of a much-needed coffee in the morning, Starbucks will be able to serve you.

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However, their opening hours are not likely to be the same as what they usually are. They are going to vary from location to location. So if you are traveling during Christmas, don’t rely on the hours to be the same in one location as another.

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Starbucks has provided an accurate store locator, with accurate opening hours, so you can find out if your store is open and how long for. You can get access to it right here.

If you really want to make sure your local coffee store is open, or you cannot find your local Starbucks using the locator. You can call ahead to double check the opening times. Each branch has a customer telephone number which you can find online. Just simply google the store you have in mind and the customer telephone number will be provided. You can then use that to call the store directly and check when Starbucks will be open.

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Do you think you will need to visit Starbucks during Christmas Day? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.