Is Starbucks open New Year’s Eve 2018?


As you wait for the countdown to begin on New Year’s Eve will you be able to grab a coffee? Is Starbucks open New Year’s Eve 2018?

It’s a good bet you are going to need a caffeine hit at some point during New Year’s Eve. Something that won’t be much of an issue during the day but as we get closer to midnight and celebrate our final moments of 2018 it will be. So, is Starbucks open New Year’s Eve 2018?

Well, I have good news for you my fellow coffee fans. Starbucks will be open during New Year’s Eve. So you will be able to get your caffeine hit.

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However, it is a night of celebration so opening hours will vary from location to location. What you will find are those Starbucks shops that are located in your big cities, big social gathering centers, etc, will be open as normal, maybe later. For example, the Starbucks shop located in Times Square will no doubt be open as long as possible with so many gathering to see the New Year in. But those that are located in small villages and such will no doubt close much sooner.

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So what you will need to do is check up on your local Starbucks and find out what the opening hours are. The coffee giants have actually made this fairly easy for us with the use of their online store locator.

If you don’t fancy using the locator you can always contact the store directly as well. You can get the contact telephone number for the store you are interested in by running a quick google search online.

You can then use that number and speak to a staff member directly who can give you the opening hours for the day. While you’re visiting the coffee shop, make sure you take advantage of the Black & White Mocha range that has returned to the menu until the New Year.

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Will you be in search of a Starbucks store during New Year’s Eve? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.