Is Burger King open on New Year’s Eve 2018?


A perfect way to end 2018 would be with a Whopper from Burger King. But can you get one? Is Burger King open on New Year’s Eve 2018?

It’s the final countdown! 2018 is almost over and 2019 is about to begin. Seeing out the old with a Whopper in hand is the way to go. At least that’s what I think anyway. Problem is, with it being New Year’s Eve, there is no guarantee that Burger King will be open. So let’s take a look. Is Burger King open on New Year’s Eve 2018?

With it being New Year’s Eve. It is technically a holiday. However, it’s not a normal holiday like Christmas where you expect places to be closed. Some places will be open and some will not. And that is the stance that Burger King has taken.

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You can expect some of the fast food restaurants to be open, but others to be closed. During the day will not be an issue. Most, if not all, of the Burger King restaurants, will be up and running as normal during the day. But as we get closer to midnight, you will find more and more of them shutting their doors, with only a few remaining opening.

What you will need to do if you are desperately in need of a Whopper during the day. Is get in touch with the Burger King chain you are hoping to visit directly and find out what their opening hours plan to be.

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Doing that is pretty easy. You can phone up the fast food chain directly by getting the contact telephone number online. If any opening hours pop up while your searching for that just ignore them. That will let you get in touch with a staff member directly who can let you know how long they plan to be open for during New Year’s Eve.

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Will you be planning a visit to Burger King during New Year’s Eve? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.