Is Burger King open on New Year’s Day 2019?


Who wouldn’t want to start the New Year with a Whopper in hand? But will it even be possible? Is Burger King open on New Year’s Day 2019?

2018 is over and it’s time to look forward at the New Year. The best way to do that would be with a Whopper from Burger King. Or at least that is what I think anyway. But will you even be able to visit the fast food chain during the day? Is Burger King open on New Year’s Day 2019?

Depending on where you look will depend on what the answer is. Burger King looks to be closed on New Year’s Day in the UK, but over here, it looks like the fast food chain will be open, but only in select locations.

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So you will need to do some extra work before visiting your local Burger King branch. Unless you want to run the risk of turning up and finding the doors closed. It is a holiday after all, so it is likely to happen.

If you don’t fancy getting caught out like that, then what you might want to consider doing is reaching out directly to the Burger King you are thinking of visiting. Your best bet is to ring them up directly. You can find the contact telephone number online.

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If someone picks up, then happy days, you know they are offically open. Finding out the opening hours for the day will be no trouble after that. You just need to ask the staff member how long they plan to be open for during New Year’s Day.

Fingers crossed you will be walking around with a Whopper at some point during New Year’s Day.

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Will you be on the hunt for something from Burger King? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts below.