Arby’s has brought back the Oreo Bites to the dessert menu


Remember the Oreo bites at Arby’s? You know, the dessert menu option that you couldn’t get enough of? Well, they’re back!

What a time to be fast food fan right now. Arby’s has brought back the Oreo Bites. The dessert menu option that was basically a little slice of heaven, back to the menu for us to indulge ourselves.

According to Chew Boom, the little Oreo Bites have offically returned to the menu.

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If you have never tasted one before it is essentially an Oreo fans dream. The little bites are covered in that well recognized Oreo flavoring dusting and stuffed with the creamy goodness we enjoy as well.

Oh, and I almost forgot, they are served warm as well which is even more magical.

How long they will be kicking around for is obviously the big question. The longer they are around for the better, but like everything that is good in the world, the Oreo Bites will not be around for very long I’m afraid.

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They have been marked with that oh so familiar label, around for a limited time only, and of course, how long the limited time is for is not advertised anywhere. Although, Delish, has explained this will be one of those limited time menu items that really will be limited.

So grab some while you can.

In terms of price. Assuming everything is the same as the last time they came to the Arby’s menu you are looking at about $2.59 for a six-pack.

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Will you be tracking down an Arby’s to get some Oreo Bites? Drop a comment just below sharing what you think.