Blue Bell brings back their Mardi Gras King Cake Ice Cream


Blue Bell is starting 2019 in style, bringing back a flavor inspired by Mardi Gras, for a wide release. That’s right, the Mardi Gras King Cake ice cream flavor is back.

Mardi Gras season is around the corner, and that means we will be seeing King Cakes hitting the shelves in no time. But if you are already looking for the delightful flavors of Mardi Gras a bit early, Blue Bell has you covered (again).

In a tweet posted by the ice cream company, they announced that their Mardi Gras King Cake Ice Cream is back on shelves to kick off 2019 the right way. Available in half-gallon sizes, this flavor of ice cream is based on the traditional cinnamon cake flavors of the Mardi Gras sweet treat.

The flavor has been around since 2012, but was typically only released in places that traditionally celebrate Mardi Gras, such as Alabama and Louisiana. But this year, that’s all changing as Blue Bell is going to offer the King Cake flavor everywhere they sell their ice cream.

If you are unfamiliar with what flavors make up a King Cake, that’s because there are a number of variations and fillings that make up this sweet pastry. Some King Cakes are made with a sweet brioche dough, while others are made using puff pastry.

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However, the traditional King Cake of the United States Gulf Coast region sees a pastry of cinnamon roll flavors in a twisted ring. These cakes are usually topped with a colorful glaze featuring the colors of Mardi Gras (purple, green, and yellow). And the filling for these cakes include cream cheese, pralines, and of course cinnamon.

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For the Blue Bell Mardi Gras King Cake Ice Cream, the company describes the flavor as being, “made with a cinnamon cake flavored ice cream, tasty pastry pieces and a colorful cream cheese swirl with festive candy sprinkles,” according to WFAA in Dallas.

Having tried this ice cream in the past, we can admit to being excited for its return. And the fact that it is getting a wide release makes us even happier. We hope this means that the flavor has increased in popularity to a point where it will continue to be released yearly.

And while we know this is a limited edition flavor, we do hope it sticks around until at least the end of the Mardi Gras season.

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What do you think of Blue Bell rereleasing their Mardi Gras King Cake Ice Cream? If you have never tried this flavor, will you be giving this one a chance? And if you have tried it, what did you think of the flavor? Tell us what you think in the comments.