Burger King are at it again with their ad campaigns


Burger King has been throwing some serious shade at McDonald’s recently with their ad campaigns and there at it again.

Fast food fans have been having fun watching Burger King throw shade at McDonald’s. The fast food chain has been running ad campaign after ad campaign aimed at poking fun at the fast food chains McDonald’s.

For example, Burger King offered customers a Whopper for only a Penny. To get said Whopper for such a low price. All you needed to do was order the burger via the Burger King app. But there was a catch.

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The special offer was only appeared on the app in so-called geofence areas. Which happened to be McDonald’s restaurants. So what customers were doing was rocking up to McDonald’s, ordering a Burger King whopper via the app, and then leaving McDonald’s to your nearest Burger King.

Now, Burger King has a new offer available. They’ve introduced the Big King XL burger and they’re saying its the McDonald’s Big-Mac, but better. With 175% more beef, it comes with shredded lettuce, pickles, onion, melted American cheese, and special savory sauce. It’s all put together on a sesame seed bun.

The only real difference between the Big Mac and Big King XL is the middle part of the bun. The Big King XL doesn’t have that part.

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It gets better, however. They are not simply just offering a burger they are saying is better than the Big Mac. They’re offering a special promotion as well which throws some serious shade at McDonald’s.

Remember the Big Mac coin? McDonald’s was giving them out to customers to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iconic burger. Well, if you happen to have any of the coins left and live in Chicago. You can take them to participating Burger King stores and get Big King XL for free.

I don’t know about you. But I can’t wait to see what Burger King has planned next.

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What do you think of the latest ad campaign? Have you got any MacCoin’s left? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.