McDonald’s Vegan Happy Meals: Will they be coming to the US?


McDonald’s Vegan Happy Meals are starting to pop up on menu’s all over the world but will they be coming to the US anytime soon?

A Vegan lifestyle is becoming more and more popular. So it’s not really surprising that vegan menu options are popping up in both restaurants and fast food chains; such as the McDonald’s Vegan Happy Meals which are starting to be introduced in certain locations.

The UK recently introduced a Vegan Happy Meal option to their menu. The approved meal features a breaded meatless chicken wrap that comes with shredded lettuce and ketchup. It also comes with a side order of your choice, carrots or pineapple, and a drink of either water or juice.

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Shortly after the UK introduced their McDonald’s Vegan Happy Meals, McDonald’s Sweden introduced theirs. They’re calling it the McFalafel, which is made with chickpeas and seasoned with parsley, garlic, and cumin. A dipping sauce comes with the McFalafel along with a side of carrots and fries and a drink of juice or small soda.

The big question a lot of people are asking now is will the McDonald’s Vegan Happy Meal come to the US? There are no indications that it will but that does not necessarily mean it won’t either.

With the increasing popularity of a Vegan lifestyle, it would be a huge surprise if McDonald’s did not eventually introduce a Vegan menu option that can be included in a Happy Meal. So it really should be only a matter of time before the new menu option arrives. But as things stand right now, there is no intention of the US introducing one.

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What do you think? Will a Vegan Happy Meals eventually arrive in the US? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.