McDonald’s Canada launches three new tasty sandwiches


McDonald’s Canada has three new tasty sandwiches coming to the menu. Each designed to warm customers up during the cold winter.

It’s cold in Canada right now. It’s cold everywhere to be fair but Canada has stupid levels of cold hitting the country at the moment. Staying warm is all anyone is trying to do and McDonald’s Canada is making it easier with their new tasty sandwiches coming to the menu.

According to Narcity, McDonald’s Canada has three new sandwiches for customers to try. Built off the classic McChicken sandwich; the sandwiches will come with a good mixture of spice to heat you up.

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McDonald’s Canada has only released the details about one of the new sandwiches. The Jalapeño McChicken is now available on the menu to order. Not only is it the first of the new McChicken sandwiches but it is the mildest in terms of spice as well.

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The sandwiches that come after are to be much spicier than the Jalapeño McChicken. With the last one being the spiciest of them all. We should be learning about the details of the next McChicken sandwich around Feb. 12.

With the third and final new sandwich being unveiled around March 5. As soon as we know the full details about the new spicy additions to the McDonald’s Canada menu we will let you know.

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So what do you think of the new sandwiches from the Golden Arches? Do you think it will do the trick in keeping you warm during the winter? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.

The Jalapeño McChicken is now available to order.