Travel Eats: The best small town sandwiches in Creede, Colorado


If you want good sandwiches and burgers, look no further than Creede, Colorado. They’re worth the adventure to an elevation of 8852 feet.

I came to Creede, Colorado, initially not for a treat but a retreat. I was attending the National Winter Playwrights Retreat. I underestimated the beauty of Creede and its food.

Reaching the mountain-populated Creede was a challenging matter. Once I was there, the frosty vistas of the mountains were worth it. But it was hard to trudge through the snow. You know what’s good for trudging through the snow? Carbs and meat!

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Here are two notable sandwiches I had at Creede:

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Cafe Chicken at Cafe Ole’

For lunch, I walked into a humble sandwich shop known as Cafe Ole’. I ordered the Cafe Chicken. A creamy chicken salad mixed in with walnuts and grapes, all smashed between a croissant. And to top it all off, a Miss Vickie’s sea salt chips.

Image Credit: Caroline Cao

Cafe Chicken is the ideal chewy sandwich. The cubes of chicken were firm, and best of all, slathered with a grape flavor. The walnuts gave it a pleasant nuttiness. In the end, I was dipping my chips into the remnants of the creamy ranch.

Also, beware the Attack Moose watching you eat.

Image Credit: Caroline Cao

Colorado Elk Burger at Kip’s Bar

Next up was the Colorado Elk Burger at Kip’s Bar, served with Esteban’s Chipotle Sauce on a Brioche Bun.

Image Credit: Caroline Cao

The patty is nothing too unique if you’re expecting elk to be more distinguishable to beef on the taste buds. It tastes as ordinary as a regular beef burger. That said, it’s tender on the tongue, a delectable patty with a dash of salsa spiciness. The fries are crunchy and airy too.

Image Credit: Caroline Cao

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What tasty sandwiches or burgers have you tried in Colorado?