Travel Food Rec: Truffle Fries are best fancy fries at Arps in Creede, Colorado


Parmesan Truffle Fries are so far the fanciest french fries I ever had. You can find them at Arps at Creede, Colorado, at an elevation of 8,799 feet.

Fries. Who doesn’t love those fried potato sticks? Plan fries, chili fries, fries with ketchup, fries drowning in cheese. Heck, there are so many different types of fries out there we could be here all day naming fries. But have you ever had fries with truffle sauce? You rarely find that affordable kind of fancy fries anywhere.

During a blustery powdery winter in Creede, Colorado, I was freezing, as I perused the markets on Main Street when I decided to take refuge from the cold in a lovely little place called Arps to defrost myself.

I picked a light bite of Parmesan Truffle Fries from the Arps appetizer selection for $7, which, when you think about it, a good price for a traveler on a budget. The plate is huge, enough for me to save some for later.

Image Credit: Caroline Cao

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Mingling with thin squares and rectangles of cheese, these spiced-up crispy fries have a pungent garlic edge and feel buttered to my taste buds. I forked through them with the cheese, which added a firm chalky flavor with the potatoes.

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Truffle fries are the best fries in the winter of Colorado. I ate them all solo, but it’s a plate fit for a family of four.

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Have you ever had fancy fries? Have you ever had special fries in Colorado? Shout out your experience by dropping a comment just below.