Starbucks’ barista revealed how you can get the most espresso out of your drinks


Starbucks lovers typically know all of the tips, tricks, and hacks to get the best deals and drinks. And one barista made sure we get the most espresso too.

In 2017, a former barista at Starbucks explained all about how to get the most caffeine out of your trip to the coffee shop. And while this information has been in the world for some time now, according to Delish, the report has resurfaced once again, as caffeine lovers look for the best ways to get their fix. And of course, when you head to Starbucks, that means snagging the perfect espresso drink.

It turns out, the venti iced drinks contain the most caffeine comes. Which totally makes sense, considering venti drinks are the largest available. However, it has to be an iced espresso-based drink, because the venti hot drinks don’t give you as much espresso.

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That’s right, a venti and a grande hot latte or mocha, have just two shots of espresso. But, when you change the drink to the iced option, you get an extra shot of the good stuff. And sure you could always ask for extra shots (I know I have done that when I want an extra boost in the morning), but if you like the way a drink is already you may not think about extra shots or pumps of anything.

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And if you want to confirm this information, just check out the nutritional information available for all of the Starbucks’ menu found on the app or on their website. You’ll find that a hot grande latte and a hot venti latte have the exact same amount of caffeine. But once you change the drink to the iced option, the amount of caffeine varies between the sizes.

Basically, if you want more caffeine in your life, stick to the iced venti option for your espresso drink of choice. Or, if you prefer your drinks hot, make sure to ask for an extra shot to make up for the difference between sizes. I certainly don’t blame you if you ask for extra espresso shots no matter what size or temperature you choose to enjoy, after all, we all need that quick fix on a Monday morning.

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Did you know that the venti hot drinks have less caffeine than the venti iced drinks? If not, will this change the way you order your next Starbucks espresso drink? What’s your favorite menu item at the coffee shop? Let us know in the comments.