Pizza wins over cereal for healthy breakfast: Easy recipes for top three nutritionist-approved pizzas


Pizza or cereal for breakfast? If you’re seeking the healthiest option, go for that cheese-topped slice rather than the bowl of shredded wheat.

Pizza scores over cereal when it comes to your health, according to a new report. Ready to set aside that box of shredded wheat and reach for a cheesy slice? We’ve got the deep-dish details here.

Why pizza wins over cereal for breakfast

Pizza is known as a guilty pleasure, but when compared to cereal, it wins for a healthy breakfast, reports Well & Good. If you grew up with a mom who claimed that bowl of flakes topped with milk was the best way to start out the day, well, we don’t argue with moms!

But consider this factoid:  The Environmental Working Group reports that most of those popular breakfast cereals, such as Cap’n’Crunch and Froot Loops, contain almost (gulp) 50 percent sugar.

In comparison, pizza typically offers some form of protein, vegetables, and energy-boosting carbohydrates without a sugar overload.

Nutritionists dish up cereal concerns

“Comparing pizza and cereal really depends on which cereal and which pizza you’re looking at,” Amy Gorin, MS, RDN, told the publication.

Some cereals provide zero sugar, but many “contain so much added sugar,” she cautioned. “So if you’re talking about a veggie-loaded whole-grain pizza with plenty of protein and not a lot of saturated fat compared to a sugar-loaded, low-protein cereal, that can absolutely be a healthier choice for breakfast.”

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And the benefits of the non-traditional option don’t stop there, with Whitney English, MS, RDN, noting that “many breakfast cereals are loaded with refined carbohydrates and sugar, and low in protein and fat.”

The result: Initially, you’ll benefit from a “jolt of energy,” she says, but then you will “quickly crash due to the blood sugar rollercoaster created by this unbalanced, low-protein, low-fiber, and low-fat meal.”

Nutritionists reveal recipes for breakfast

Gorin suggests enjoying hummus pizza for breakfast. Her recipe couldn’t be simpler.

“You simply top a whole-wheat pita with some Sabra hummus, veggies, and herbs,” she explained.

English recommends a healthy variation on a cheese pizza at breakfast, with her recipe including dairy-free cheese.

“I like to use whole-grain pita bread to make single-serving pizzas topped with plant-protein, veggies, and a little dairy-free mozzarella cheese from Daiya, which is super melty,” said the nutrition expert. “The fiber from the whole grains—combined with belly-filling unsaturated fat and protein—will help fuel your day and keep you feeling fuller longer.”

And last but not least, how about a  sweet potato recipe for your first meal of the day?

“Use a whole-wheat crust or a whole-wheat pita as a base, then get creative about what you top it with, like sweet potato purée for satiating fiber,” suggested Gorin. “Finish by loading your pizza up with lots of veggies, and add a sprinkling of fresh arugula on top.”

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Do you think you’ll try one of these recipes or will you stay with cereal? Share your breakfast favorites below.