Pizza Hut debuts new Dip ‘n Crunch line to add a new layer of flavor to your order


Pizza Hut fans have something new to try out with their order of Pizza. The chain is debuting a new Dip ‘n Crunch line for a limited time.

If you have been tired of the same old order from Pizza Hut lately then I have some good news for you. Pizza Hut is currently debuting a new line, called the Dip ‘n Crunch, and it is really going to add a new layer of flavor to your order.

Available in both carryout and delivery orders at participating Pizza Hut locations in the UK. The Dip ‘n Crunch, features two different dipping sauces and two different crunchy bits to pair with the dipping sauce.

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Ideal for dunking your pizza crust, wedgies, and whatever else you might fancy. The line features a BBQ Flame Grilled Dip and Crispy Fried Onion Crunch to pair, and a Garlic & Herb Dip and Garlic & Herb Crumb tp pair.

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You obviously don’t have to pair them up as instructed. You could, if you dare, mix them up.

How long the Dip ‘n Crunch line is expected to be available on the Pizza Hut menu is not 100% clear. With it being a limited time menu option it obviously won’t be around forever but there is not clear end date in sight. At least not at the moment anyway.

It is also not clear if Pizza Hut US plan to bring the Dip ‘n Crunch line to their menu.

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What do you think of the new menu option? Would you like to see this stick around permanently? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.