Keto diet pancakes with maple syrup and chocolate chips satisfy the need for weight loss comfort food


The keto diet has become increasingly popular, but ketogenic weight loss winners have missed their comfort food…until now.

Keto diet comfort food sounds like an oxymoron. But thanks to the growing options for pancakes made according to the ketogenic weight loss plan, that supposed oxymoron has turned into the impossible dream achieved.

Oh, did we mention maple syrup?

Keto diet is trendy, but pancakes are forever

The keto diet has become increasingly popular in recent months, with celebrities such as Kourtney Kardashian touting the benefits of going ketogenic for weight loss.

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The challenge on the keto diet: Drastically cutting foods high in carbohydrates and sugar, such as pancakes with maple syrup, while boosting fat intake and consuming moderate amounts of protein.

Keto dieters have various options for making their own pancakes, but most consist of primarily eggs and cream cheese. Delish, however, has a recipe that comes close to real pancakes, thanks to almond flour and lemon zest.

Keto diet chocolate chip pancakes are here to brighten your weight-watching life

Can we talk about the mere notion of having pancakes AND chocolate chips on a diet? Well, Birch Benders has done it, with its keto diet pancake mix including a variety with sugar-free chocolate chips, reported Food Business News.

The mix includes tiger nut flour, and they’re easy to make by just adding water. Each serving contains five to six grams of net carbs and nine grams of protein.

You can find the keto mix at Target stores.

How about some keto pancake syrup to go on those diet pancakes?

The good news about the keto diet when it comes to breakfast foods: You can have butter.

But if you’re a pancake lover who feels that it’s not the real deal unless those cakes are covered with maple syrup, there’s a keto diet syrup for you.

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One option is to make your own, with various recipes on the Internet including this one from Wholesome Yum.

If you’re not a do-it-yourself fan, Keto Vale reports that a variety of manufacturers have created extremely low carb maple syrups for the keto diet. Just be sure to read the label carefully.

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What do you think about pancakes for keto dieters? Do you plan to try a recipe or buy a mix? Share your pancake preferences below.