Sonic locations in Ohio lose entire staff thanks to poor management


If you are a fan of Sonic but live in Ohio you might need to check if your fast food chain is still running. Some locations have lost all of their staff.

We’ve probably all had that the same thought at some point in our working careers. That thought of just saying enough is enough and then getting up and walking out. Very few of us have of course ever done it, but for three Sonic locations in Ohio, that is exactly what happened. They said enough was enough and left.

It wasn’t just one or two members either. All of the staff left. So if you’re planning on visiting one of these three Sonic locations, you’re out of luck. Nobody is there and you can thank the management.

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The story first broke via Delish, reporting the reason why the Sonic employees walked out, leaving nothing more than a message taped to the window of Sonic for customers about why they had left. They report it was due to the fast food chains coming under new management and since the change of hands the staff has been treated poorly.

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One of the claims being made is the cut in wage. The new management has reportedly cut pay from Ohio’s $8.55 minimum wage to $4 an hour plus tip. A representative of Sonic has since come forward to state no wage reductions took place.

The Sonic locations in Ohio in question are the Circleville restaurant, Grove City and Lancaster. Currently, they are temporarily closed but are expected to be up and running soon.

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What do you make of this incredible decision by staff members of Sonic? Do you believe their claims? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.