Trump treats North Dakota State football team to fast food feast


Once again, President Donald Trump has treated a college football champion with a fast food feast. This time, it was North Dakota State.

President Donald Trump has once again enlisted the services of fast food giants McDonald’s and Chick-fil-A to serve up another college football champion.

This time, it was North Dakota State, who was in Washington D.C. visiting the White House, celebrating their Division 1 football championship. If you recall, Trump did the same thing for the Clemson Tigers after they won the National Championship Game. But that was during the Government Shutdown.

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The government is (somewhat) functioning now, but Trump may have tapped into something with the fast food fest. Look, I know there will be some people who will hoot and holler at Trump giving college kids a fast food feast, but, really, what college kid wouldn’t want this?

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It’s not like they’re getting Grade A nutrition on their campuses. Look around any college campus, and you’ll find an assortment of fast food and fast casual restaurants lining roads leading to the college, and those said establishments will be packed with college kids getting a cheap meal because that’s all they can really afford.

All of us have a junk food gene in us, and though it dies down a bit when we get older, it is still mighty strong for the young, especially college kids. The North Dakota State football players probably had a ball eating all the Big Macs and Chick-fil-A sandwiches they could eat.

Heck, I know I would.

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Do you agree with the president throwing a “fast food feast” for college players? I really want to know what you think, so comment below!