Phoros Nutrition Protein Pancake & Waffle Mix review


If you’re searching for healthy breakfast options, search no further than Phoros Nutrition Protein Pancake & Waffle Mix.

Healthy breakfast options are limited and we often sacrifice flavor in order to keep our meal low in calories and sugar. Phoros Nutrition claims to be here to change that with Phoros Nutrition Protein Pancake & Waffle Mix.

I received a package of this mix to try out for myself and share my thoughts with you all. Do they deliver the promised flavor, nutrition, and leave your stomach satisfied without feeling overstuffed? Here’s our review!

First, here’s the breakdown of what Phoros promotes about their pancake and waffle mix:

Phoros’ mix claims to make delicious and fluffy pancakes without the useless sugars and carbs. Each serving “gives you 30g protein and just 220 calories, giving your body exactly what it needs to keep you full, satisfied and happy all day long.” At the moment, one package is priced at $19.99 and there’s a satisfaction guaranteed, so that’s always great to know.

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Waffles and pancakes can be made with water, soy/almond milk, or regular milk. At my home, we decided to try making waffles and pancakes with soy milk and made two of each!

Both came out on the dry side, especially the waffles. I wouldn’t eat these plain. I wasn’t planning to, though. For a complete breakfast, you need to add fruit. While the pancakes had some fluff and were just fine with some low-sugar syrup, the taste of the rough waffles needed a bit more work.

To help add flavor, we added a reduced sugar chocolate drizzle to the strawberries and banana slices. Even then, I feel like the flavor needs to improve. Both the pancakes and waffles, though, did their job at keeping us full longer than egg whites or a fruit shakes do.

Would making these with water or regular milk taste better? We’ll have to try that out next time to see.

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What’s your go-to healthy breakfast or snack? To purchase Phoros Nutrition, visit them online