Ariana Grande’s collaboration with Starbucks has left some fans disappointed


When Starbucks and Ariana Grande announced their first collaboration together, fans were excited to see what was coming. Now some fans are just disappointed.

At the start of March, Starbucks made the shocking announcement that they were teaming up with Ariana Grande. It’s the partnership no one saw coming, and yet it left many fans excited for the possibilities. And when the new Cloud Macchiato was announced, the excitement was palpable across social media, with many people eager to try this new collaborative drink.

However, it did not take long for the excitement to fade away and fans to realize something extremely important about this version of the Macchiato. It turns out this drink is not vegan-friendly, according to Delish. And there is no way to actually make it vegan-friendly. Why is this upsetting to people? The answer is simple – Ariana Grande is a known vegan and fans believed that the singer’s drink would, therefore, be available in a vegan option.

The problem with all of this is that on social media, Grande has posted pictures not only promoting the Cloud Macchiato, but it looks like she is actually drinking it as well. And in one post she used a hashtag to tell her fans they should try soy milk as an alternative to the regular milk that would typically be used in the drink. Except that’s not enough to make this drink vegan.

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Even in the original announcement from Starbucks, the company made it very clear that the cloud of foam that helps give this drink its name contains egg white powder. Without the egg white powder, there is no cloud to top the Macchiato. And that’s not all, as even the caramel the company uses has dairy in it. Simply put, there is no way to make this a vegan-friendly drink and fans are less than impressed.

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On social media, not only are fans sharing their disappointment, but many are questioning whether the singer really is a vegan or if it is for show. And of course, there are also the people who are taking the opportunity to drag the entire collaboration.

While it might be disappointing to learn that the Cloud Macchiato is not, in fact, a vegan-friendly drink, we have to point out that Starbucks has been upfront about what is used to make the cloud topping since they made the announcement. Not only did they describe the way they made the drink in the press release for the new Spring menu items, but they also added an asterisk to the drink and included additional information in fine print as well.

Are we disappointed that the Cloud Macchiato cannot be made vegan? Of course, we are. But at the same time, we knew it was not a vegan drink after reading the Starbucks announcement. Hopefully Ariana Grande and Starbucks can collaborate on a new drink that actually is vegan-friendly in order to give fans what they want and expected the first time around.

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What do you think of the backlash that Ariana Grande is facing? Are you surprised that fans are upset over the Cloud Macchiato not being vegan? Tell us what you think in the comments.