PB & J lover’s have an exclusive club to join


Seem’s like we have a club for everything right now and that includes PB & J. There is an exclusive club to join but it will knock you back $500.

PB & J has held a very special place in the world of sandwiches. A wonderful combination of both sweet and savory flavors, there is a reason why we have the catchy song, “peanut butter jelly time, peanut butter jelly time!”

But do you love it so much you are willing to join an exclusive PB & J club? If you are part of the many who love the sandwich and would happily join the club at a moments notice, then there is one out there for you, however, it comes at a hefty price.

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According to Delish, University Gifts are offering fans of PB & J the service of being able to receive a different type of peanut butter and jelly each and every month. Subscribers will receive a gourmet selection, so it won’t be your knock-off brands at 10c a jar or anything like that, it will be PB & J fit for royalty.

Approximately 8 ounces are to be delivered so you will be able to get a decent amount of sandwiches out of it. And with it being delivered straight to your door, the service is as convenient as it can be.

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However, as I eluded to earlier, the price is a bit eyewatering. A years subscription will knock you back exactly  $468.98. This equates to approximately $39 per month. Now, you may actually spend that amount on PB & J a month, but I don’t think the majority of us do.

It’s up to you though. If you are a massive fan of PB & J you may believe this is totally worth it. But it’s not one for me.

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What do you think of this unique service? Is this price too much or just right for you? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.