Little Caesars: Bacon wrapped deep dish pizza is back!


Alert your friends and family: Bacon wrapped deep dish pizza is back at Little Caesars!

Smell that? Okay, probably not. But if you were anywhere close to a Little Caesars pizza joint, you would definitely catch a whiff of delicious bacon! No, Little Caesars isn’t having a particularly large order of bacon pizzas lately, the Bacon Wrapped DEEP!DEEP! Dish pizza is back, guys!

The press release reads that Little Caesars 8-corner deep dish pizza is wrapped in whole strips crispy bacon, and topped with pepperoni and MORE bacon, crunchy bits on top. Whoa. Talk about meat lover’s dream. While I’m not a huge fan of bacon, I still enjoy it from time to time, and this one sounds too delicious not to try. I now know what I’m having for dinner tonight. And possibly tomorrow if it’s a success.

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Do you want in? This meaty bacon dish is available now, but you can’t just show up and order it as you would order Hot-N-Ready pizzas. Little Caesars is still working on releasing this menu item. To order yours, you must have the Little Caesars app (or just oder through their website)! Click here to download the app.

If you want to wait until the pizza has a larger release (aka is available through Hot-N-Ready), that’ll happen soon, on March 21! Why would you want to wait, though? Check it out now! It’s priced at $12, taxes not included.

Another reason you shouldn’t wait too long, is because this is a menu option that will only be available for a limited time! The bacon wrapped deep dish pizza isn’t new. The specialty pizza made its debut a few years back and hung around for several weeks. No word on when it will no longer be available this time.

Additionally, you can get a FREE 2-liter drink when you order a pizza through the Little Caesars app.

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In case you missed it, Pizza Hut also recently welcomed an old favorite to the menu. What has been your favorite limited-time menu dish so far this year? Share with us in the comments, we love learning about new fast foods and snacks!