Jimmy John’s Exclusive: Delivering freaky fresh sandwiches is no longer a dream


Jimmy John’s has launched a new campaign which will see freaky fresh sandwiches delivered to you each and every time. Here is how they are making this happening.

We’ve heard this before. Fast food chains, restaurants, and diners all promising a super fast and fresh delivery service. But is it ever really? How many times have you opted for delivery expecting it to arrive fresh and hot only to receive it cold and stale? Too often I bet. Well, if you are fed up with this type of service, Jimmy John’s is who you should turn to for quality fresh food as they have got the art of delivering freaky fresh sandwiches down to a science.

And they’re achieving this feat by keeping everything in house with company only drivers.

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After pledging to never use third-party delivery services, something all other food outlets are pretty much using, Jimmy John’s is showcasing their commitment to their five-minute delivery zone.

The delivery zones have been carefully mapped out to account for the little things that go on in our day to day lives, such as traffic, road patterns and of course the speed limit. This ensures that those customers who fall within the five-minute delivery zone receive their sandwiches not only fast but fresh.

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These zones will be periodically checked by stores as well to ensure the quality of your sandwich is never comprised. A sign of how committed Jimmy John’s is to us, the customer.

A new ad campaign by the sandwich chain is now underway to highlight the new commitment. You’ve probably already seen them, but if not, you can get a good look at them for yourself just below.

We here at Guilty Eats had a chance to speak to John Shea, Chief Marketing Officer at Jimmy John’s, about their new commitment. He explained to us how the new campaign came about, the average time it takes for a delivery to be made, and a recommendation of what sandwich to order for those of you who have never tried a Jimmy John’s sandwich before.

Guilty Eats: Jimmy John’s has pledged to never use third-party delivery services.

Why did you think this was such an important pledge to make when so many other fast food chains, restaurants, etc, are using these services?

John Shea: We felt it was important to make this pledge now because we know that so many Americans are dissatisfied with third-party delivery services. In fact, 35 percent of customers who use third-party services have experienced a problem with their delivery, more than 3X the industry average.

That’s why we felt it was the perfect time to reiterate our commitment to our customers and highlight the lengths to which we go to make certain our sandwiches are consistently faster, fresher, and a better value than using Third-Party delivery.

Delivering sandwiches is part of Jimmy John’s DNA, and it has been something we have been doing since we first opened in 1983 and we simply don’t trust anyone else to do it.

GE: The third party delivery services have already embedded themselves deeply into the market. What are you doing to stay ahead of them and make yourself stand out from the competition?

JS: They have gained traction, but not because it is the best experience for customers. We have and will take care of the consumer above all else. For example, studies have shown that customers expect their food within 15 to 30 minutes of ordering, but third-party delivery services average 49-minute delivery times. Jimmy John’s averages 18 minutes. Using a Third-Party delivery service adds middle man costs to the consumer, we don’t use a middle man. Only Jimmy John’s delivers Jimmy John’s.

From baking fresh bread in-store every day to hand-slicing fresh vegetables and all-natural meats hours before the store opens to delivering our sandwiches to limited five-minute delivery zones, everything we do is designed to satisfy our customers.

GE: The new ad campaign highlights the brand’s 5-minute delivery zones; it highlights it brilliantly by the way. Where did the “5-minute” come from? Did it come about via trail and error? Or plucked from thin air?

JS: The five-minute delivery zone came about to serve the customer in the only way we know how, by giving them a fast and fresh sandwich to their door. Most companies think a bigger delivery area best serves their customers, however waiting a long time for food that is not fresh does the opposite.

We want to blow people’s minds with our delivery. Out the door in 4, and 5-minute delivery zones mean we can get someone their order often in under 20 minutes. That’s something other places just can’t do.

We have a team dedicated to mapping out the delivery zones around each store and periodically checking to make sure they remain within five minutes of the store. The Process is the science behind delivering sandwiches to customers quickly, affordably, and as freshly as possible.

GE: For all the poor souls who fall out of the 5-minute delivery zones, what would you say to them?

JS: We get it, the edge of the zone can be an emotional place, and we are opening stores every day, so we hope that those outside of the zone will soon be within a zone.

Of course, we want as many people in the zone as possible, but if you fall outside the zone it’s likely that you aren’t too far from a Jimmy John’s. We have more than 2,800 locations around the country, and we invite you to come in, enjoy a fast and fresh sandwich in-store and take advantage of the free smells that come from our freshly baked bread.

GE: With plans of opening more stores, will those just outside of a catchment zone be giving a priority when considering store locations or are you looking at areas that do not have a Jimmy John’s already?

JS: Ideally, everyone in the country would fall within a delivery zone, and we are constantly looking for new locations to grow. Whether just outside the zone on in a new area entirely, we are driven to get as many people access to our fresh sandwiches as possible.

GE: Both the commercials are very well done delivering the message perfectly while also giving us a good laugh. Can we expect any more or will this be it?

JS: Thank you.  We’re glad you enjoyed the commercials and see the commitment we are making to delivering the freshest and fastest sandwiches possible.

We do have one more ad launching in the next week that is also very funny, we hope you’ll enjoy that one too.

GE: The 5-minute delivery zones is not an advertisement of how quickly Jimmy John’s orders will be delivered. Can you tell us what is the average time customers can expect? Do you by chance have a record delivery time?

JS: Our average order is 18 minutes.  Test it out for yourself.  If you are in the zone,  you will be wowed.

GE: For anyone who has never eaten Jimmy John’s before. Is there a sandwich you would recommend? What is the most requested sandwich by customers?

JS: #9 – Italian or #12 – Turkey & Avocado. You have to get some of our famous Jimmy Chips and a side of house-made kickin’ ranch dippin’ sauce. You’ll thank me later!

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What do you think of the new commitment by Jimmy John’s? Will you be placing an order for a sandwich today? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.