McDonald’s is giving away a free couch


McDonald’s is giving away a free couch, and it’s actually a nice looking couch!

Fast food joints and companies are always giving back to fans. Sure, more often than not, you have to enter the giveaway by purchasing something. Or, in the case of KFC, participants needed to name their child after Colonel Harland Sanders to enter to win $11,000 towards the child’s college education. A bit too demanding, if you ask me, but hey, it’s all up to the participant!

Well, McDonald’s is doing things just a bit differently. The fast food restaurant is giving away one lucky winner a fancy couch! They have partnered with La-Z-boy and Uber Eats to create McDelivery Couch, a couch that has all the tools you need.

This couch is perfect for a movie night in with your favorite meal. Check it out for yourself, below: 

The couch comes with built-in phone chargers, because we all hate having to get up to re-charge or phones. And how can we watch TV without it? Then we wouldn’t be able to live tweet.

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The McDelivery Couch also has a cooler, cup holders (and they light up!), and feature an iClean stain-resistant fabric by La-Z-Boy! This is neat, because the couch is white, a scary color that can easily get stained, but have no fear.

Will you be entering to win this one-of-a-kind couch? No, you don’t have to name your child Ronald McDonald or buy a bunch of menu items to enter. All you need to do is Tweet #McDeliverSweepstakes, @McDonalds and @UberEats to tell them the McDonald’s menu items you’d “enjoy couch side” for a chance to win. Click here for the complete list of rules.

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Need a free couch and fan of McDonald’s? This one is perfect! What’s your favorite McDonald’s meal? Personally, I go there for the iced coffee (with extra cream, of course).