SnowWhite from LG is an ice cream lover’s dream come true


LG has produced the perfect appliance for ice cream lover’s in the form of the SnowWhite, a concept machine that is like a Keurig for frozen treats.

Have you ever wanted an easy way to make ice cream at home? LG may have heard your wish. According to Engadget, at this year’s SXSW, the appliance company introduced a concept machine called the SnowWhite, which is the ice cream lover’s answer to the Keurig.

That’s right, there is a machine out there that acts like a Keurig, but makes ice cream instead. But, the SnowWhite doesn’t just make ice cream, it also makes frozen yogurt, sorbet, granitas, and even gelato. And just like the Keurig many of us know and love, this machine uses a pod-based system to bring you these frozen treats.

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Much like the Keurig lets you choose your coffee flavor, the SnowWhite lets you choose your flavor and base in order to create any one of the frozen desserts out there. And, beyond making these frozen treats, LG says the machine will also be able to clean itself, while featuring both a manual dial and a touchscreen to allow you to make the perfect dish of ice cream (or gelato, or frozen yogurt, or whatever treat your heart desires). However, while this sounds like our dream appliance, LG has not committed to making this a reality for all of us.

For now, the SnowWhite is simply a concept machine that made an appearance at SXSW 2019 in order to show consumers all the ways that LG can give our homes the things we want and need. Of course, this is not to say that we might not be able to pick one of these up in the near future. After all, LG recently released their HomeBrew machine during CES 2019, which allows you to brew your own beers at home.

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It is entirely possible that at next year’s CES we are talking about the SnowWhite as it is being introduced to the world as a reality that we can snag for our homes. And honestly, we want to see this happen. This is like the cheater’s way to make ice cream and we are okay with that. In fact, we are definitely wondering where this has been all of our lives.

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What do you think of the idea of the SnowWhite? Would you want one of these in your home? Do you think LG will decide to make this machine a reality? Tell us what you think in the comments below.