Cadbury in the UK looking for professional creme egg hunters


Can we just talk about how many awesome jobs Cadbury wants to add to our resumes? So why not add creme egg hunter to the list?

Are you looking for another chocolate related job that doesn’t require becoming a taste tester? Want to get paid to hunt Easter eggs? But, we aren’t talking about the usual decorated eggs you might be thinking of. Instead, the Cadbury company is looking for people ready to hunt down creme eggs.

According to Delish, across the UK, Cadbury has hidden more than 700 white chocolate creme eggs, which are considered one of the most coveted of all the flavors. These white chocolate eggs will be wrapped in the standard foil found on the milk chocolate creme eggs, which makes the hunt that much harder. Some of the white eggs are also hidden in advertisements for other companies.

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If you find the eggs hidden in an advertisement, snap a picture to submit it online. But, if you unwrap one of those coveted white chocolate eggs, you will need to call a phone number found inside the foil wrapper. You will learn exactly what you will get for each of these eggs, but remember you have to keep the wrapper in order to redeem for your prize.

And these eggs aren’t cheap finds. Many of the eggs are valued between 50 to 100 pounds which the equivalent of about $66 to $132. However, there is also an egg out there that is worth up to 10,000 pounds or $13,211. With those kinds of numbers, it makes sense that people are taking this particular Easter egg hunt very seriously.

But what makes this hunt so impressive is the fact that there are actually people hiring egg hunters for around $60 per hour. This pay covers the price of travel expenses and about eight boxes of eggs. If you decide to become an egg hunter, you would sign a contract in order to sign over the white chocolate egg and any prize associated with that egg.

Now, I don’t know about you but the entire thing sounds like a blast. And whether you decide to become an egg hunter or do the hunting for yourself, it looks Cadbury has found the perfect way to get those creme eggs off of store shelves.

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As a fan of the original Cadbury creme egg, I think going on an egg hunt like this sounds like a great way to pick up those sweet Easter treats without feeling guilty. After all, you’re doing it for the chance at a big pay-day. It may not be chocolate tasting, but it is just as good since you still get to eat your sweet treat when you get it home.

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If Cadbury did something like this in the U.S. would you hunt down white chocolate creme eggs? What do you think of this particular Cadbury contest? Tell us what you think in the comments.