The ice cream market is winning the game! Presenting Unicorn Swirl ice cream


What a time to be alive for ice cream fanatics everywhere. Here’s the latest sweet cold treat on the market: Unicorn Swirl ice cream.

There have been so many ice cream flavors rolling out this year. Don’t worry, if you have been too busy with work or just life to keep up, Guilty Eats is here to help catch you up on the ice cream game. So no matter what you’re into, chocolate or vanilla or both, there’s something out there in a freezer for you. There’s even an ice cream out there that helps you get a good night’s sleep! And don’t forget about Tasty’s new scoops!

Below, we go over the best ice cream flavors that have debuted so far this year, only our favorites, of course, which happen to be the best. We’ll give you the details on where to find them and flavor descriptions.

First, let’s begin with the latest to catch our eye. Check out Kroger’s new Deluxe (ooh) Unicorn Swirl Ice Cream! The flavor? Sweet, sweet cotton candy! It also has a fun and tasty blue icing that creates the swirl, cake-batter-flavored base, and bits of animal crackers. Sweet heaven!

Candy Hunting on Instagram alerted fans with the following post:

Where can you find Unicorn Swirl ice cream? Exclusively at Kroger stores! These is a product from the Kroger brand, so you won’t find them any where else. The hunt is on! These will surely be flying off the shelves, not only because they’re unicorns, but it’s delicious.

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Got an ice cream flavor we should know about? Share with us! What’s the best tasting ice cream you’ve tasted so far this year? Don’t forget, April 9 is Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day!