KitKat Drumsticks are here and they’re already the best ice cream of all time


Calling all chocolate and ice cream lovers: KitKat Drumstick ice cream is here!

Ice cream has been on the foodie news radar a lot lately. First, we learned there’s an ice cream that actually helps you get a better night’s sleep. Say what? Sign us up for a pint or 10! The ice cream treat is properly called nightfood, and you can learn all about it, here!

Earlier today, Guilty Eats also alerted all readers about Ben & Jerry’s #1 favorite flavor now going vegan! Catch up with the news, here! It’s definitely a great time to be alive, surrounded by all these wonderful foodie news. It’s obvious spring is just around the corner.

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Now, as if that wasn’t enough, KitKat Drumsticks have been spotted at the grocery store! Yes, you read that correctly. Arguably one of the best chocolate brands today is now an ice cream! Not only that, but as Drumstick cones! This is what foodie ice cream dreams are made of, guys!

Snack Gator caught this first and wrote a review on their blog. The KitKat company made no announcements this was coming, so imagine the surprise walking by the freezer at the grocery store and finding these! So, where can you buy a couple dozen of these?

These KitKat ice cream cones have only been spotted inside Kroger stores. So, if there’s a Kroger near you, I would go hunt for these ASAP. I know I am!

Next. Want a good night’s sleep? Eat a bowl of ice cream. dark

Which candy would you like to see be made into ice cream next? Also, is it too much to ask for a warning or announcement? If it weren’t for Snack Gator, we wouldn’t even know about them!