Nightfood ice cream review: More than just a bedtime snack

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nightfood ice cream photo: Sandy C.

Bedtime snackers and ice cream lovers, there’s a new cold treat in town sure to be your new all-day craving: nightfood ice cream!

Earlier last month, we wrote about a new ice cream on the market that claims to help you get a better night’s sleep. While bedtime snacks, or eating right before you go to sleep, may give you a stomach ache or cause discomfort due to bloating, nightfood ice cream does the opposite.

"No, there aren’t any medications in the ice cream. From the press release: “Contrary to what you might think, nightfood isn’t adding melatonin or other sleep compounds to their ice cream to make this [sleep] happen. They instead utilize a formulation that includes ingredients like glycine (an amino acid), magnesium, digestive enzymes, protein, fiber, and low sugar.”"

Basically, it’s super healthy when compared to a bag of chips or a few scoops of Ben & Jerry’s.

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I received all 8 flavors of nightfood ice cream from the company so that I could put it to the test myself. Long before the ice cream arrived, though, I believed the promotions. I was sure this ice cream was good for you and was the perfect healthy snack to substitute what you crave at night.

My only doubt? The catch. A good night’s sleep or guilt-free snack at the expense of good flavor? An ice cream with little to no taste? Well, the ice cream arrived and I dug right in!

Here’s the scoop:

Guys, no joke, this ice cream is delicious! It’s creamy, packed with flavor, and one would never guess how healthy it actually is. While the flavor of food, particularly a snack, is the most important thing to me, nightfood ice cream also keeps its promise, which is amazing! Having nightfood ice cream instead of any other snack, kills your cravings without making you feel full and sick. And it’s so tasty, you can’t help but feel happy and relax.

Let’s break down the flavors…