Bottoms up, Michelob Ultra’s fruit-infused beer is just what we need this spring


Known to always keep up with the latest trends, Michelob Ultra presents fruit-infused beer!

Bottoms up! First mimosas and now beer? What will spring gift us with, next? The spring season is all about fruit scents and flavors, there’s no better way to welcome the warmer weather and give cheers to the green trees and growing flowers. So while beer tends to be on the sour side of things, Michelob Ultra is keeping the season in mind with Michelob Ultra Infusion Beer. Not a beer person? These may just change your mind.

An added bonus to this new beer from Michelob Ultra (as if we need another reason to buy) is that it’s keto-friendly! You’d be breaking no rules if you recently took on this new diet.

In stores now nationwide (and only 95 calories) is Lime & Prickly Pear Cactus flavor, with more flavors to be released soon. Stay tuned! Be the talk of the party at your next backyard outing with friends and family by bringing a few packs of Michelob Ultra Infusion Beer!

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Enjoy the outdoor patio weather with a cold beer, don’t forget the sunscreen! What will you be drinking this spring? Sticking to one beverage or trying it all?