Is Sonic the most unhealthy fast food place?


The healthy trend has been sweeping over restaurants, but Sonic Drive-In restaurants refuse to budge. Has it become one of the unhealthiest fast food spots?

Over the past several months, maybe even over a year, fast food restaurants have been slowly incorporating healthier options into their menus. There are now more choices for salads, low-calorie drinks, and many other substitutions. Sonic, however, doesn’t have any of that.

At a recent event, Scott Uehlein, Sonic’s VP, was quoted saying “I don’t know why we would do a salad, but we can do some tots,” he joked according to The Takeout. Side note: Sonic’s tater tots are delicious!

Sonic has decided to continue catering to their hungry, junk-food craving loyal customers. And while that may not be the best choice, health-wise, it’s admirable. Instead of bending to the new healthy trends, Sonic remains a strictly-fast food only stop. And we don’t really blame them, we are, after all, Guilty Eats!

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While other restaurants “clean up” their menu, Sonic has done the opposite. The restaurant recently added even more sugar-packed and diet-breaking food. Hey, they do have the best ice cream for a fast food place!

Some of Sonic’s latest additions include the Oreo Ice Cream Sandwiches and Double Oreo Stuffed Waffle Cone, and even Red Bull Slushes.

Sonic has actually become the first fast food restaurant to offer Red Bull. There are two slushes with Red Bull available, a simple Red Bull in slush form and one with a zesty lime taste. And if you feel like just a regular Red Bull in a can, there’s that, too. All for $2.99 each.

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What do you think about all this? Should Sonic offer other options, at least for their kid meals, or are they doing just fine? What’s your favorite fast food restaurant? #TeamSonic? Share your thoughts with us in the comments, below!