White Chocolate Marshmallow M&M’s are here!


Forget Easter! White Chocolate Marshmallow M&M’s candy are here for us all to enjoy any time all the time.

Okay, maybe not exactly all the time. These special edition of M&M’s is only around for the Easter season. But do we really want to buy bags of these of chocolate heavenand keep them around to give on Easter? Or should we instead stock up on these limited-time bags of happiness? I don’t know about you, but it’s the latter for me!

So what makes these special M&M’s so, well, special? Let’s break it down! For starters, these spring-themed/Easter treats come in pastel colors, so they’re cool to look out, setting us up for the spring season. But, most importantly, they are marshmallows covered in white chocolate! It doesn’t get any better than that.

White Chocolate M&M’s are exclusively available at Target now. And while you’re at Target, also be sure to check out their exclusive new line of wines called The Collection. They may not all taste great, but a couple do and at $10 a bottle it’s a bargain.

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If you’re a huge fan of marshmallows, here are two other things to know about:

First, Lucky Charms is giving away boxes of marshmallow-only cereal. Find out how to win here! Lucky Charms will be giving away 15,000 boxes! The codes to enter are located inside the specially-marked boxes. Good luck!

Finally, Sour Patch Kids Marshmallows are the sweetest treats are real and here! You can find these at Walmart retailers. Gotta love the spring and Easter season for all these special delicious treats! What candy have you found? Is there something you always go to during this season? Share with us in the comments!

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What are you doing sitting around for? It looks like you have some serious candy hunting and shopping to do! Enjoy!