Food hack, yes or no? Twitter has already decided, but what do you think?


A food hack has appeared on social media and the jury is out, it’s not a hack. But what do you think? Is social media being too harsh?

We all love a good food hack. To learn something that makes our life easier we never knew existed. However, not every food hack is a genuine hack and when one of those appears on the internet, the critics can be harsh.

This happened fairly recently when the Canadian publication, Edmonton Journal, shared what they believed to be a food hack, or, I suppose in this instance, a cooking hack. Social Media didn’t take too kindly to the “hack” with many people explaining how they got it widely wrong.

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According to the Edmonton Journal, the hole in a chopping board, widely considered to be the handle, has another purpose. Have a look at what this other purpose is for yourself just below.

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It’s not a bad idea to be fair. Certainly a handy trick, but a food hack? Sometimes a handle is just a handle, something a lot of people on social media thought as well. Shortly after the Edmonton Journal shared their post people started pointing out just that, a handle is sometimes just a handle.

Other social media users started to point out that while it might be a useful trick or cooking tip, you can’t even do it with every chopping board; as some don’t even have a handle. Some chopping boards have handles so small you can barely fit anything through them. Basically, there are too many downsides to this hack, so you can’t really call it one.

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What do you think? Is social media being too harsh? Do you think it is a food hack? Share your thoughts by dropping a comment just below.