Shake Shack has a secret Game of Thrones menu that’s tough to crack


Before, we were all about Shake Shack’s pink shake, but now it’s all about the Game of Thrones secret menu!

If you speak Valyrian, you’re in luck! A Shake Shack restaurant has a secret menu ready for you to order. Oh, you don’t speak Valyrian? Well, you’re still in luck, because, more than likely, no one does either. But Shake Shack isn’t leaving Game of Thrones fans in the dark.

Here’s the deal. There’s a secret Game of Thrones menu that looks simply delicious! But to get it, you need to order it in Valyrian. Don’t worry, the restaurant is aware you don’t know the language so they have printed instructions on how to place your order. This is going to be fun!

What’s the secret menu? A Dracarys Burger and Dragonglass Shake. We’d like one of each, please! The burger is $11 and a spicy double cheeseburger topped with bacon, Monterey Jack cheese, and ShackSauce. The Dragonglass Shake is $7 and a cool custard blend of mint and white chocolate topped with shards of toffee! It sounds very tasty and refreshing.

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Game of Thrones, fans, you don’t want to wait on ordering this as this menu is only around for a limited time. Additionally, this menu is only available at Madison Square Park in New York until April 21, but we’re hoping it expands to other cities soon. The shake will be around through May at the same location.

Disappointed this is only in New York? So are we! This restaurant is about to get swamped with fans!

You don’t need to miss out on limited items for Game of Thrones, though. Oreo has released special Game of Thrones cookies and these are available wherever Oreo cookies are sold. There are also many wines and beers that are in beautifully designed Game of Thrones bottles.

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Have you spotted or know of any other special limited-time item we should know about? Be sure to let us know about it in the comments!

Game of Thrones returns with its final season on Sunday, April 14.