Enlightened Ice Cream ‘All that and a bag of chips’ review


Enlightened Ice Cream sent us some of their new and creative flavors to sample.

In a world where health and fitness have become increasingly popular over the last decade or so, we’ve seen a rather large shift of focus in the food industry. Most fast food restaurants are now required to provide nutritional information, ultimately leading them to create a better product.

Whether it’s for internal health purposes or simply to look better, more and more people are making dietary and lifestyle changes in their lives. While this is certainly a positive thing, one can find it difficult to enjoy the guilty food pleasures and still see results.

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There are, however, a few companies out there who are mindful of this recent health conscience movement; Enlightened Ice Cream being one of them.

Enlightened Ice Cream is one of the pioneer companies for low-calorie, low sugar ice cream options. With only Halo-top ice cream as their genuine competion, Enlightened Ice Cream has recently taken their game to the next level with the release of their new flavor, “All that and a bag of chips.”

As a clear play on words that’s derived from a popular saying, this flavor gives you a genuine taste of a chocolate covered potato chips. It’s made with chocolate chips and a salted fudge swirl, and while there aren’t actual potato chips covered in chocolate to be found, the flavoring is definitely evident in every bite; especially in the subtle aftertaste.

There’s a generous amount of chocolate chips in this pint, but while the taste was noticeable, it wasn’t entirely overwhelming. The flavor of the fudge was also a nice compliment, but the real star of the show was the creamy part of the ice cream itself.

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I’m not quite sure how they managed it, but there is a genuine taste of potato chip within each bite, again more so on the aftertaste. When the taste of the potato chip hits the chocolate chip and fudge swirl, it combines smoothly and makes good on the flavor it promises to provide.

This particular flavor is 100 calories per serving, and 400 calories for an entire pint. Considering the awesome taste of this ice cream, along with the fact that most other brands are around 900 calories per pint, this is an absolute steal.

Overall, I gave this flavor a 7.5/10. While this isn’t exaclty my cup of tea, it was very enjoyable nonetheless. Would I ever buy it? Perhaps, depending on my mood and/or cravings at that precise moment.

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Have you tried this flavor yet? What did you think of it? Comment below and let me know!