Outer Aisle products make it super easy (and tasty!) to add healthy food to your diet


Not many people see about cauliflower and think about how delicious it is and run to buy some. That is, until Outer Aisle entered the game.

Yes, we may be Guilty Eats, but in order to shamelessly be able to indulge in all the fattening and sugar-packed goodies we want, we have to keep ourselves healthy. Nowadays, that’s not easy to do, not with all these tasty treats and meals we see daily, but Outer Aisle is making it easy for us to keep up with our favorite lifestyle.

Outer Aisle is the creator of cauliflower based bread-alternative that is made with only four ingredients and no filler flours. The ingredients are: cage-free eggs, parmesan cheese, cauliflower, and nutritional yeast. This makes the products Keto-friendly.

The company also recently launched two new flavors: Jalapeno and Italian flavored sandwich thins and pizza crusts.

What exactly can you create with these? Just about anything you’d like! Outer Aisle sent a box of these my way, both the small sandwich thins and the pizza crusts. While I couldn’t think of anything other than pizza to create on the large one, the sandwich wraps are perfect for substituting taco shells and regular tortillas.

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My favorite meal with these was  breakfast, which I used the sandwich thins to create an egg and sausage burrito! Does that sorta break the healthy rules? Probably. Depends on the food you use. But tell me Outer Aisle isn’t a lot more healthy than a regular tortilla? Also, only one of these bread-substitution thins is enough to leave you full (but not overstuffed) and satisfied.

The taste: Yes, I won’t lie, they taste different, especially if you aren’t into cauliflower. But unlike other similar products I’ve tried, Outer Aisle doesn’t have an after taste or a cardboard-like texture. Best of all, you’re left happy and full until your next meal, rather than pack on the calories and make you sluggish from how much you ate. If you’re searching for something with a little more kick to their flavor, try the jalapeno sandwich thins. They aren’t too spicy, but just with enough zest for you to detect the flavor. My favorite, though, are the Italian sandwich thins!

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Where can you get some? Outer Aisle sandwich thins and pizza crusts are available on Amazon and select Whole Foods in major markets. Visit Outer Aisle’s store locator online to find a store with their products near you!

What’s your go-to healthy meal and snack! Share with us in the comments!