What is the Shell On Challenge?


There is a new social media challenge doing the rounds and doctors are warning teens not to take part, but what is the ‘Shell On Challenge?’

I thought all the idiots who did these weird social media challenges had died when the Tide Pod challenge was doing the rounds, apparently not! There is now a new social media challenge going about and it is just as dumb and dangerous as all those that came before it. It’s called the ‘Shell On Challenge’ and doctors are warning teens not to try it. So, what is the Shell On Challenge?

Well, just like those challenges that came before it, the challenge involves eating something that is either not supposed to eating, at all, or not in this particualr way. In doing so they hope to impress…..someone, who I am not sure exactly but I highly doubt they ever did.

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If anything they’re doing it for that 15 seconds of fame.

Anyway; so what they do is they take something edible and eat it without removing the packaging. So, if it was an egg, you eat the egg with the ‘Shell On.’

People who have taken part in the challenge have been seen to be eating fruit with the skin still on that is usually peeled; such as bananas and watermelons. Those are probably your less extreme examples of the challenge, the more extreme end of this challenge has seen people eating things like cupcakes that are still in their original packaging.

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Which basically means they are eating plastic. Because, you know, that is something we are definitely supposed to digest…….

I don’t think I need to explain why this is bad. I think it is fairly obvious. Ultimately, it’s dum, it’s not cool, if you hear about anyone thinking of taking part in the challenge please give them an earful and tell them to not be an absolute idiot.

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Had you heard of the Shell On Challenge before today? Do you think things like this will ever stop? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.