Disney’s Sleeping Beauty inspires a limited edition Unicorn cupcake


For a limited time only, fans of Disney’s sleeping beauty can get their hands on a very special unicorn cupcake at the Disney All-Star Resorts.

Are you a fan of the classic Disney animated movie Sleeping Beauty? Does the idea of sleeping for a long time sound lovely? If Princess Aurora is one of your favorite characters, then you might be excited by the fact that there is a special unicorn cupcake inspired by the movie available for a limited time at the All-Star Resorts.

But this is no ordinary unicorn cupcake, this is a Briar Rose Gold Unicorn Cupcake, according to Delish. And what does that mean, besides a truly magical dessert? It means that you are getting a flavor experience unlike any other, with a trendy beauty inspired by Disney.

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This specialty cupcake features a chocolate cake base. Then the bakers create a hold in the center of the cupcake in order to fill it with a strawberry buttercream that is of course a lovely shade of pink. Then the top of the cupcake is piped with a mix of vanilla and strawberry buttercream in rosette shapes.

Just before they finish applying the two different buttercream flavors, a mini cone is inserted into the center of the cupcake in order to give you the official horn of the Unicorn. The final step in the decorating process includes adding golden crisp pearls, luster dust, and finally little chocolate wafers to give the Briar Rose Gold Unicorn Cupcake Minnie ears for an added splash of Disney magic.

Not only is this cupcake a stunning piece of artwork worthy of Instagram and Snapchat, but it also sounds like the kind of delicious treat that any dessert lover will want to try. Of course, we can’t forget that this is a limited edition cupcake which means it won’t be available for long.

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You can pick up this stunning Sleeping Beauty and Unicorn inspired Briar Rose Gold Unicorn Cupcake at the Disney All-Stars Resorts right now through May 4, 2019. So give it a try, take all of the pictures, and let us know exactly what you think of this magical and decadent dessert cupcake.