PSA: You can buy 10-lb. bags of Sonic’s crunchy ice for cheap


We all love Sonic’s crunchy ice and wish we could bring some home with us to crunch all day long. Well, it turns out you can!

The Takeout has brought something to our attention, Sonic has something for sale that isn’t (nor will it ever be) on the menu. A secret menu item? Eh, sort of, but no. It’s the fast food joint’s iconic crunchy ice!

We have been filling up coolers for outdoor fun, backyard parties, and picnics with expensive frozen water from stores. Be a fool no longer! All this time we could have been getting bags of ice from Sonic, and only for small change. Just $2 can get you a 10-lb bag of crunchy Sonic ice. *Please note: The cost for a bag of ice ranges depending on the drive-in!*

Many of us randomly crave Sonic’s small crunchy ice, pregnant women come to mind, but it’s also so convenient. This ice is smaller than big chunks of frozen water that will take over your entire cup. Instead, crunchy ice gives us all something to look forward to once we finish our drink — we eat it!

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Before you rush off to your nearest Sonic for a bag or three, stop! Not all Sonic locations have bags of ice ready to go. Be sure to call and ask first so you’re prepared (and they can be, too).  I don’t know about you, but my backyard parties are about to become a lot more fun and tasty.

If you need another reason to stop by your local Sonic, don’t forget the Drive-In has a promotion going for their Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches! Both the regular and Oreo cookie sandwiches are $2 before 8 p.m. and $1.50 after! Please your late night cravings.

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What’s your favorite menu item from Sonic Drive-In? Stay tuned to be in the know about the latest spring and summer foodie additions!