Pokemon: Detective Pikachu is giving fans free 7-Eleven snacks and deals


If you previously missed out on all the 7-Eleven goodies Pokemon: Detective Pikachu has been delivering, miss out no longer!

Earlier las month, 7-Eleven stores revealed they were teaming up with Pokemon: Detective Pikachu to deliver dozens of exclusive movie-themed products and deals, including picture filters and experiences. How can you get in on all the fun? We have everything you need to know, below!

To celebrate the arrival of Detective Pikachu in theaters, 7-Eleven is offering dozens of deals. Some are freebies and others are amazing bargains, some of which include dollar drinks and a Mr. Mime Mystery Slurpee.

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What you need to do first is download (if you don’t have it already) the 7-Eleven app on your mobile device. Play the Pokemon AR game available there and you’ll gain access to exclusive clips from the film and more! Playing will help you unlock deals in addition to earning you extra 7REWARDS to redeem for your favorites.

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Joining in on the game is a lot of fun, but you don’t need to play to score some Pokemon goodies (though you will need to pay for them). In stores, find the Hi-Hat Mocha, the Mocha Cold Brew, limited-edition straws, bottles, and more! Oh, and of course, trading cards are also back and in stock at 7-Eleven store. Ah, nostalgia!

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To check out everything 7-Eleven has to offer, visit their online shop at Amazon. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we must investigate what flavor the Mr. Mime Slurpee is!

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu is now playing in theaters everywhere. Will you be watching the movie this weekend?