Must-have summer drinks: From Sam Adams Summer Ale to new Pepsi flavors


With the summer season just around the corner, it’s time to get our list ready for all the summer drinks to keep in our fridge and coolers!

Guilty Eats has been receiving several of the newest beverages and flavors for a couple of months now. Our taste buds have been very happy, not to mention, we’ve been staying fresh and cool thanks to these summer drinks. But which ones made our short list of the best of the best?

Each season, restaurants and fast food joints give their menu a makeover. The summer season brings hot and humid weather, so companies know to give their menu an upgrade with seasonal options. After all, you likely aren’t craving a hot soup in the middle of the summer, but prefer a fruit salad.

Whatever your choice is for this season, you can’t have anything at all without a delicious beverage to accompany it. That’s right, a tasty drink is essential no matter what your main course is! And there are plenty of choices this summer.

Sam Adams Summer Ale via PR release, summer drinks

Samuel Adams Summer Ale

First on the list is Samuel Adams, a name we know very well and has a great reputation. Sam Adams Summer Ale can’t be skipped on your list. Accommodating your summer drinks cravings, this Summer Ale is lighter, and you’ll detect this right away, and has kicked up its citrus profile a notch.

Bud Light’s new Lemon Tea Citrus Lager

If a citrus boost is what you’re searching for, also consider adding Bud Light’s new Lemon Tea Citrus Lager to your summer drinks this season. With this new beverage, we are literally getting the best of both world’s: Beer and Lemon Tea. What more do you need?

Pineapple Mimosas bottles courtesy photo courtesy Aldi’s PR

ALDI’s Pineapple Mimosas

I’ll be the first to admit, tracking down a bottle of ALDI’s Pineapple Mimosa is not easy. But after searching several stores, it was ALDI who found me. The company was kind enough to mail me a bottle after learning of my failed hunt. If you can get your hands on a bottle, consider yourself lucky!

The Pineapple Mimosa is not as strong as ALDI’s Orange Mimosa (which are easier to find in their stores), but it is delicious! The taste is tart, but not at all bitter, and the hint of pineapple is definitely present for that extra summery feel.

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Heineken 0.0

Here’s a fun one! We’re all aware drinking alcohol while on the job is a big no-no, which is why Heineken 0.0, a new alcohol-free beverage, is the perfect summer drink to pack with your work lunch this season! Learn more about it, here.

Pepsi’s new flavors debut in June, photo via PR courtesy Pepsi

Pepsi’s summer flavors

Need more alcohol-free options? Just a delicious and fruity drink to have with your meal any time of the day? We have just the think: Pepsi’s new summer flavors! The new flavors are Berry, Lime, and Mango. At Guilty Eats, we immediately did a ranking of all three as soon as the shipment from Pepsi arrived. Our fave? Mango! For a zesty kick, you’ll likely love Lime. And Berry is super fruity.

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Which of the summer drinks above are you most excited to try? Do you have a favorite you believe needs to be added on our next roundup? Let us know!