A new ice cream has hit the store shelves but its not for us humans


Heads up ice cream fans, a new flavor has been added to the store shelves at Aldi, but it is not for us humans it is for our favorite four legged friend.

I’m calling it now, despite this new flavor of ice cream being designed for our favorite four legged friend the dog and therefore not being suitable for us humans your going to try it anyway. Why do I think this? Because us humans are daft and we do silly things, especially when we are told we can’t do something.

Anyway, Aldi’s, the retail grocery chain, has added a new line of ice cream for dogs to their shelves and it is guaranteed to be your dogs new favorite treat. Which isn’t surprising really when they are used to dry brown biscuit type food.

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Called Heart to Tail Dog Ice Cream, they are set to appear on Aldi store shelves around June 26. There are four tbs within each pack for your pouch and each box comes with two different flavors. An original flavor, which sounds like something we as humans would be ok with trying, and Cheese and Bac’n, which sounds exactly like something a dog would love.

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Expected to retail at around $3, if you want your dog to try out the unique ice cream then you will want to act fast. How long Aldi’s plan to keep the frozen treats on the menu for is not clear. It is expected to be one of those items which arrive and then leave fairly quickly.

So, on June 26, get yourself down to Aldi ASAP and give your dog a treat.

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What do you think of the new dog ice cream? Will you get it for your four legged friend? Will you try it yourself? Drop a comment below with your thoughts.